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About Bleach

Bleach Jewellery was established to explore the properties of sterling silver under the flame and to rethink ideas surrounding perfection and flaw in wearable art. What you see with this project is an amalgamation of intuition and pragmatism - the foundation of my design philosophy.



Environmental Sustainability

Bleach Jewellery prioritises environmental sustainability throughout the entire creation process; the use of 100% recycled metals and laboratory created gemstones minimises the environmental impacts of production. Packaging is constituted from old magazines and discarded tissue paper as well as recycled materials for decoration. Bleach is committed to maintaining its high product quality whilst ensuring carbon neutrality.



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About the maker (Sophia)

Sophia's work manifests as a blend of superfluousness, durability, intuition and unorthodoxy. She prides herself on her ability to walk the line between a gratuitous and practical design, her pieces often having a foot in both camps - sturdy but wildly stylish.



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